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EcoStar Technology, LLC is over 10 years in the waste recycling industry.

Our company is the largest waste recycler in Eastern Russia.

Head office and waste recycling plant is situated in Vladivostok city, Primorsky region. Our branches are located all over Eastern Russia.

We work with such wastes as the tires, e-wastes, polymers, batteries, oil wastes, mercury wastes. We render services of collection, transportation, decontamination and recycling. During waste-handling process, our company gets the following secondary raw materials: rubber crumb, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, plastic ABS, PC, plastic PET.

Company mission

Creation of effective wastes management system in Eastern Russia, designed to enable minimization of accumulated environmental damage, pollution abatement, wastes implication in second economic turnover.

Objects of the company

The highest possible recovery of valuable components from wastes, minimization of wastes for burial, waste landfill prevention. Potential production growth and complex rationalization of our company management.

We look forward to collaborating and partnering with you! Respectfully yours,

General Director, EcoStar Technology, LLC

Gleb Iunitcin


For now, EcoStar Technology carries out the largest project of waste recycling plant in Primorsky region.

Since 2015, EcoStar Technology is the resident of Nadezhdinskaya ASEZ. The government has provided us with 7 hectares of land for construction of the plant. During next 5 years, our company is granted a remission of profit tax and property tax, during next three years – a remission of land tax. In addition, the employment tax is 7.6% for the next 10 years.

Waste recycling plant will have three workshops:
  • tires recycling
  • e-wastes recycling
  • polymers recycling
They are the 3 phases of construction. We have started the first workshop construction (tires recycling workshop) in November 2017. It is planning for launch in 2019.
The total volumes of wastes to be recycled in all three workshops in complex will come up to 40 000 tons per year. The required investment for the project is $30 million


Our waste recycling plant will produce the following secondary raw materials:
Rubber crumb
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Plastic AbS, PC
Secondary raw materials with precious metals
Waste recycling plant of EcoStar Technology is located in Primorsky region. We get secondary raw materials during the waste recycling process. You can contact us regarding secondary raw materials export: tel. +7 (924) 234-30-44

Extended producer responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility was put in place in Russia in 2015.

Producers and importers of such goods as tires, computers and peripheral equipment, plastics articles, carton and papers, batteries are included in Extended Producer Responsibility.

The essential principle is that producers and importers of the goods have to provide wastes recycling for these goods treatment in accordance with state recycling standard. They can do it unassisted or by means of processing companies.

However, producers and importers who cannot provide wastes recycling must pay Eco Tax to the Federal Budget.

The amount of Eco Tax depends on volume of imported or produced of goods, recycling standard and Eco Tax Rate. Government defines wastes volume in percentage of total volume of produced/imported goods, and producer/importer shall guarantee its recycling - that is the recycling standard. Each group of goods has its own standard and it moves up annually. The Government also defines Eco Tax Rate for each group of goods.

Producers and importers can sign an agreement with a recycler or pay Eco Tax to the Federal Budget. The evidence from practice shows that it is more profitable for producers and importers to work with a recycler.

But so far, there is critical capacity deficiency in the sphere of tires, electronics, plastics and other wastes recycling on a nationwide scale.

If the capacities of the processing industry are insufficient, goods producers and importers’ financial resources will be absorbed by Eco Tax to the Federal Budget. Development of sufficient plant capacity is possible only with the investment in processing companies. In such a case, processing companies will be able to satisfy the increasing demand for recycler services from producers and importers with their rising capacities.

Specifically due to the fact of Extended Producer Responsibility mechanism implementation, our company has started to carry out the construction project of the largest waste recycling plant in Eastern Russia. Taking into consideration the excessive demand for recycler services, our current plant cannot fully satisfy the demand of producers and importers through capacity troubles; and with the realization of the project, we will increase the volumes of wastes recycling, and also volumes of producible secondary raw materials from wastes.

Household waste

Regional waste management company is this legal monopoly which operates for solid household waste in one particular of Russia.

Starting from January 2019 only Regional waste management companies will operate for solid household wastes in each region. It will perform collection, transportation, recycling, decontamination and dumping of solid household wastes in its region. Regional operator works by virtue of the arrangement with local government of the region.

Regional operator can be any legal entity irrespective of the form of ownership (including with foreign participation).

Status “regional waste management company” is given for 10 years.

Local government of the region approves the scheme of work of the regional waste management company with development company and building owners: volumes of wastes, transport routs, their collection periodicity, etc

Minimum return on investment of regional waste management companies is 13%. It has been established by government.

Regional waste management company has been selected in Primorsky region. It becomes the regional monopolist in this sphere and renders full range of services.

Annually the regional waste management company will recycle some 780,000 tons of wastes only in Primorsky region. Its investment program is rated for attracting investments in the amount of $100 millions. Following sorting and recycling solid household wastes, regional operator receives secondary raw materials at the end: carton, plastic packaging, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, polyethylene bags and other secondary materials.

Even now the regional operator of Primorsky region is ready for negotiations, and it is possible to make investment or other cooperation with it.

Regional waste management company is this legal monopoly which operates for solid household waste in one particular of Russia.